BoPS (Bird of Paradox Studios) was established in late 2018 by a husband and wife team, Joshua and Samantha Vaughn. Initially created as an outlet for their tattooing and photography, BoPS has since grown and aspires to further expand their artistic avenues.


Being a private studio, it allows stronger focus on the client and prevents major distractions from the artwork. The studio befriends other establishments in the industry and strays away from making art a competitive business. The BoPS family continues to grow by bringing on artists and supporters.

The concept behind combining our studios:

  • Bringing the community together through different mediums of art

  • Private studio to assure full focus is on each client during their session

  • “Studio” is a very broad term that allows us to expand through several avenues of artworks



Bird of Paradox

Tattoo Studio


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Bird of Paradox

Photography  Studio


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Peak Needles

Recovery Aftercare

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